Life is Going to Change!

Andrew and I both hate the comment, "Your life is about to change forevvvverrrr."  Well, duh.  We are having our first and second kids at the same time.  We are adding two babies to a house that has heretofore only had puppies.  Of course it's going to change. 

There are several things we hate about this expression: 
1.  It's usually said in a mocking tone by an "experienced" parent.
2.  It implies that we better enjoy life now because it's going to difficult/stressful/sleepless/etc. when the babies get here and ruin everything.
3.  It doesn't take into account the blood, sweat and tears we have gone through to get to this point.  Do you really not think we have had plenty of time to consider the life-altering change that bringing multiples home will entail?

I know many, many women who are SAIFers (Success After Infertility) and, not surprisingly, they don't use this expression.  Instead, they congratulate us and talk of the amazing blessing that it is to add a baby (or babies) to a household that has longed for them and prayed for them and worked for them. 

Of course my life is going to change.  It may be difficult and stressful and sleepless for awhile but it will also be everything I have ever wanted.  I can't wait. 

Pregnancy Update: things are progressing nicely and will be having our anatomy scan on 11/19.  I can 't wait to see our babies looking like babies instead of the blobs they were when we last saw them.  Of course, I can't wait to know their sexes but I am also anxious to know that their major organs are developing according to schedule.

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  1. I think if people were telling me that often, I'd start to just be really sarcastic like "Nah, we're gonna leave the kids home alone and got out drinking often." Silly people. So happy about the double blessing for you guys!


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