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I've had a sewing machine for years and have used it sporadically, mostly for hemming other people's pants. I have had the occaisional spurt of domestic want-to. My know-how is based on a few sewing lessons given to me in middle school by my friend Amanda's mom, who is a world-class seamstress.

Since getting hooked on the world of blogging, the blogs that I enjoy the most are the crafty moms who make things for their kids and other people's kids. Since I don't have any of my own, I've been itching to make homemade gifts for the forty million people I know that are having babies.

I went on a sewing shopping expedition yesterday and came home with enough fabric, notions, and ideas to last a good long while. The key find was a book that I'd looked at on Amazon. One-Yard Wonders is an amazing collection of projects that require only one yard of fabric. Leafing through it, the projects mostly seemed like things I could do so I bought it. I also bought several different kinds of fabric, including some yummy flannels that I thought would make good baby gifts.

So far, I've made two sets of teal and brown monkey burp cloths for the two baby boys who will be born this year into jungle-themed nurseries. Levi is due soon and is the son of one of my work friends. Bashlin is due in May and is the second child of my cousin Jason and his wife Kristy. I also made two wine-bag-holder-things. Mostly I made those because the pattern seemed simple enough for me and they are the perfect gift for my friend Ginny. Black and white polka dots and hot pink ribbon ties. I love it!
I also love feeling like I can create something with some fabric (which was on SALE!) and some thread. I would love to be making baby treats for my own baby, but maybe all these gifts are practice for the real thing. One can dream...


  1. I have this book and a LOT of fabric. I met the authors at the No Coast Craftorama in Minneapolis in December. in 29 days I am retiring from my day job and will be able to sew a lot. It is a magical feeling to start out with this(thread and fabric and an idea) ...and end up with that (something useful)

  2. Congrats on your retirement. Mine is a looonnng way off, so I'll make do with dreaming about having more crafty time this summer when school's out. Which sewing projects are you eyeing?


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