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I love fresh starts, lists, and making resolutions. This comes to a head in January of each year when I try valiantly to remake myself into something new. Not because I dislike my former self, I just like the effort. This year's amended-once-already resolution is to be 'classier.' I haven't decided just yet what that really means, but I like the ring of it. I'm not un-classy, I just think the world would be a better place if we were all a little more so. In an effort to define for myself what I mean, I'm going to compile a list of my favorite "classy things."

1. Painted Nails--I've already started by buffing and clear-coating my fingernails. My toes are a delightful OPI shade called "My Private Jet," which sounds classy. It's the exact same shade of gray as my puppy's feet plus a little sparkle.

2. White Kitchens--This probably isn't going to happen for me in 2010 unless we win the lottery or one of us gets an unexpected raise/promotion. However, it still makes the list of classy things because I can picture guests gathered around creative meals prepared for a spur of the moment party in this kitchen.

3. Dogeared Jewelry--They make lovely necklaces and other jewelry items for special occasions, gifts, or just because. I wear this infinite love one, a gift from DH for my last birthday. Check them out.

4. Thoughtfully Designed Rooms--This picture from Spearmint Baby makes me want to have a baby just so I can start collecting letters for a display just like this one. There are a few other reasons I'd like to have a baby, but decorating a nursery sounds like nine months worth of fun.

There are more favorite things, but getting the pictures and text to cooperate has hijacked too much of my Last Day of Christmas Break, so I'll pick back up later. One of these days, I'll be a master blogger. Until then, no one's reading anyway.

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