Crate and Barrel Idea Shopping

While we were in Indy, I spent an afternoon wandering around Crate and Barrel idea shopping. I think this white table will be perfect for the eat-in kitchen in the new house. I like the clean lines and think that it would would look good on the dark hardwood/bamboo floors that I have in mind.

This collection caught my eye. I like the colors and the patterns. I think they could be reproduced with some of the square album frames that my husband has but isn't really doing anything with and some antique wallpaper. Too bad I don't know where to find antique wallpaper...

This orange chair doesn't really fit into the furniture collection we have, but would be perfect for my friends Richard and Ginny, who have just bought an older home that has total retro potential. The upstairs is a denim blue color that would be perfect with this orange.

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