I Know This Feeling

I've been here before. Kim starts treatment with great hopes. Treatment proceeds. It becomes obvious that Kim is not responding "normally" to said treatment.

It should come to no surprise (to me at least) that I'm a slow responder to the FSH injections. It still stings to have two follie checks under my belt and only minimal follice growth. My e2 level has plateaued so I will be increasing my dosage and likely stimming for an extra day or two. Nothing devastating and this doesn't mean my cycle won't proceed well. It's just another disappointment in a long line of disappointing treatment cycles.

I'm attempting to pull myself up by my bootstraps and get my positive outlook back.

Today's Cost: $700 for extra shots. (Offset by the $300 I made working with my brother this week)

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Elsie Louise Mroch

Elsie Louise Mroch
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