Shot One!

Shot One is in the history books! The needle is tiny and didn't hurt at all. It stung a bit after it went in, but nothing worth thinking about. The hardest part was getting the hang of drawing up the liquid and then mixing it in three vials of powder and ending up with the same amount you started with. I wasted one needle tip when I put the wrong one on, but I have gobs of needles, so no worries.

$160 worth of Bravelle (follice stimulating hormone to make the eggies grow)

My first deposit in the sharps container!

The Cherry Limeade cupcake from Gigi's that I've been saving since Thursday to treat myself after the first injection!!

If you got any spare warm thoughts and/or prayers, please say a few that these eggs start growing!

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Elsie Louise Mroch

Elsie Louise Mroch
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