Winter ONEderland

Logan and Leigh Allyn celebrated their first birthday on 1.19.14.  I had so much fun planning and executing the "Winter ONEderland" celebration.  I probably drove everyone crazy in my months-long quest for everything red and aqua.  I can't help but reflect on how exceedingly lucky we are to have healthy, happy one year olds.  A year ago, we were facing some scary possibilities that go along with such early babies.
They aren't quite caught up to other babies their actual age but we still get to use the adjusted age for a while yet.  It seems that they have been learning, growing and changing so quickly for the last few weeks.  They are happy babies and love to play with each other and their daycare friends.

One of my craft projects was to decorate their high chairs to match their party theme.  They had no clue what the presents were about but loved the crinkle of tissue paper and opened a few presents on their own.

As I've learned is almost always true with twins, the smash cakes met with a mixed response.  Leigh Allyn did not care for the icing in her fingers and Logan loved the destruction and managed to get all three layers destroyed by the end.  He had cake and frosting from the top of his head to the bottoms of his feet.

Seriously, how did I get lucky enough to have these babies at my house every day?!  People in the SAIF (Success After Infertility) world talk about survivor's guilt and the constant feeling of not being worthy to have babies when so many others would give anything for this chance.  I do not know why I am so lucky and so many others are not, but I try to make up for it by being thankful every second of every day.  I like to think my prayers of thanksgiving have outnumbered the times I prayed for a child.  My heart is always with the women who are still waiting. 

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  1. Happy Birthday to the *piggies*!! So adorable. <3 It always saddens me to hear of survior guilt. We know you care. Enjoy the heck out of your little miracles.


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