Build a House!

My husband and I bought a lot today. I'm rather excited, as it means we are now fully committed to the idea of building a house. We love the house we live in now, but it's getting a bit snug. Two bedrooms and two bathrooms just don't offer quite as much room as the two people and one dog in my family need, especially as we consider adding on to the family.

The lot is exactly across the fairway from where we live now, a short move. The plan is to finish paying for the lot and then start construction. So, to celebrate our new plan to lively more simply and pay more quickly, a list of the things DH and I agree on to date.

1. We need more space.

2. Lots adjoining a golf course need a golf cart garage, even if said family does not own a golf cart.

3. DH needs a room/office/place far away from me from which he can listen to his (loud) music without fear of bodily harm.

4. Pink-ish/Coral-ish brick is awful and is to be avoided.

5. People get jealous when you start talking about building a house. Haters, all of them.

6. We need to aim for spending an amount comfortably below what we can afford to leave room for budget-busting.

7. All rooms will not be the same color.

8. Bedrooms will have carpet.

9. We will never again attempt to share one measly bookcase.

10. Rugs are best without bold geometric shapes.

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