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I keep seeing people who have inspiration boards online and would love to make some myself for the rooms in next house. I have at least a year to plan, so I want to be ready when it really comes time to start making decisions. I've been saving pictures that I see online to my computer forever. I will give proper credit for where I found them when I remember/have it saved. I promise I'm not trying to pass any of these off as my own or trying to profit from them in any way. No one I know even knows I have a blog, so I'm pretty sure no one reads this regularly...

This picture is saved on my computer as "Best Room Ever." It's from Meg Duerkson's blog "Whatever." I love the letters and the book jackets. It makes me want to curl up on this bed and read stories to some little kids. I will just die if my kids don't love to read. What do you think---is a love for books nature or nurture?

This next picture is on Design Mom's blog but originally came from the Real Simple website. DH has promised that I will have a room to do with as I please. It will be an office/sewing/crafting/ reading/gift-wrapping room and I may never come out of it. I love everything about this. The color, the furniture, the light. The next one is a kitchen from what I believe is the High End Design blog on blogspot, sorry if I didn't get the name exactly right. I have looked at hundreds of pictures on Google Images for "white kitchen" and keep getting glimpses of kitchens that are kinda like the magic black and white kitchen I have in my mind. This one gets most of it right. The cabinets and countertops are perfect. I'm leaning toward white subway tile for the backsplash, but want some color. This one offers color (yellow wouldn't be my choice) in the form of dishes in open shelving/cabinets. I like the idea but wouldn't want so much of my storage to be exposed. My accent color of choice is granny smith apple green. Love the table and chairs.

This is the kitchen of fashion designers Bagdley Mischka. I own 1% of the cookbooks it would take to pull this off. I'm a sucker for books, organization by color and white kitchens. What's not to love? I also like their subway tile, but not the grey grout.

Ohdeedoh has a article about reading artwork and this was my favorite. It's from the Keep Calm Shop. I kinda want this for my own now. Maybe I could put it in my office at work...

This is from Elle Decor and is from a spread about the interior of the house that was used as the outside shoot for the tv show Full House. The style is much more traditional than anything I could pull off, but I love the floor-to-ceiling bookshelves.

More storage. Sucker for storage. And baskets. And white. I think these are Expedit shelves by Ikea. No idea where the picture came from.

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