Recent Domesticity

I've been feeling rather domestic lately. I started my spurt of crafty-ness with a Mother's Day brunch for my mother and grandmother. Yummy breakfast casserole, fruit, homemade blueberry muffins and cute take-home centerpieces with kabob/scrapbook paper "Happy Mother's Day" cards. My best friend Amanda is having her second daughter this week. Eleanor Elizabeth will be joining older daughter Charlotte Caroline and has an equally cute monogram. I found a tutorial for freezerpaper stencils on Mmmboppin's blog and was amazed at how easy it was.
So, like anything I do, I went freezerpaper crazy and made a whole slew of personalized gifts. My cousin Jason and his wife Kristy (also the recipients of monkey burp cloths from an earlier post) had a son on May 20. Bashlin (named for a brand of lineman hooks/belts and a former pet) and big sister Ava got two coordinating sets all made my new favorite font...Badaboom!

Last night my friend Ginny (who got wine bottle holders in an earlier post) was picking out a bottle of wine to give as a gift and I volunteered to make a bottle holder for it. I used this grey floral fabric and it was so cute, I decided to bust out my One Yard Wonders sewing book. The professor for one of my summer classes requested that we bring our laptops for class. I've never found a laptop case that I liked well enough to buy, so I made my own. This also counts as my first attempt at machine quilting. The layers of flannel and floral fabric are quilted together with a very simple line pattern.

This will be perfect for packing up my laptop and throwing it in my school bag. Plus, it was made entirely out of things I already had at home, therefore fitting into the PayOffTheLot plan!

Nothing elaborate, but I have enjoyed making gifts for others (and for myself)!

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