Update and Cart Before the Horse

I have finally made the big call and got myself on the FET calendar for my next cycle.  This is a bit misleading, as I almost always need Provera to start a new cycle so all this really means is that I'll be cycling when I suck it up and take those ten little pills.  At any rate, it's reassuring to know that my FET will be a Lupron/Estrodial Valerate two-month doozy.  Some FET cycles are short and minimally altered by meds.  As someone whose own hormones are unpredictable, I prefer cycles where they suppress and totally replace instead of crossing my fingers that my body behaves.  I can be patient. 

It's Sunday and I started a new feature one week ago today, so here is my CBTH item for the week:

the essential-to-every-modern-nursery Eames rocking chair
I'm all over the place with nursery design style, but I love the look of the classic Eames rocking chair.  I can see myself blowing the budget on one of these and then scrambling to buy stuff like a crib and changing table. 

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Elsie Louise Mroch
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